Monday, 10 March 2008

THE KILLS - Midnight Boom

Trying to predict what a new Kills album will sound like is about as productive as trying to guess how Thom Yorke will release music.

The band are notoriously anti-industry, refusing to give interviews or circulate promos. Gloriously, this hasn't stopped Midnight Boom from becoming one of the most hotly-tipped albums of '08, the Kills' two-fingers up at the music industry left intact. While opener U.R.A Fever is, admittedly, perilously close to a crimp that crawled out of The Mighty Boosh tried to start a music career, sparse post-punk crashes gratifyingly into the next track, a beautiful hybrid of Sonic Youth and Death From Abovee.

Alison 'VV' Moshart - somewhere between PJ Harvey and Karen O - espouses a merciless confidence, spitting out lyrics with a sarcasm that sees the drum machine softening, rather than punctuating, the lyrics. 'I want you to be crazy,' VV snaps in Cheap and Cheerful, 'cos you're boring baby when you're straight'. The album veers from stripped back gothic dance (a strange image) to eerie playground game-esque rhythm, culminating in the brilliant What New York Used To Be, a track that goes all Jonny Greenwood on you to render a guitar riff an organ solo, all perfectly juxtaposed against VV's barely-breathed lyrics about the decay of the American dream.

Between skipping from references to Crime and Punishment to clapping games, from No-Wave dance beats to Sonic Youth-esque guitar crunch, The Kills have penned an album entirely worthy of the hype. Frankly, it's great having no clue where they'll go from here.


Liz Dodd


Martin said...

Another good shout! Old stuff is also top bollock, b-sides are a treat. They did a Peel session yonks back that was the bomb: I had it on cassette but it sadly got lost when I was car-jacked in Liverpool.

Liz said...

Did you see them at Reading? Best set of the weekend (with obvious respect to QOTSA and 'tallica)